Indeed He Is

I remember when I saw Fischerspooner September 21st, 2003 at The House of Blues. I had a most wonderful time, and that night I realised that Casey Spooner is indeed a sex god. However, Warren is no doubt awesome as well. His use of electronic music is supernatural. You've gotta love it! WOOOO!! ^_^
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    Fischerspooner - Turn On

casey really is SEX.

the show. (as told by a good friend & i)
Monday the 15th. Fischerspooner. Breathless. Wordless. I cannot even explain. Let's summarize how amazing and fabulous it was. The super model - esque dancers smoked cigarettes and spit champagne the whole time. Casey, the oh so gay leading man, did about 5 costume changes and crowd surfed. Confetti fell while they poured champagne all over the dancing crowd. I was in the front row with a whole lot of gay men, we all danced, laughed, and danced to MIssy Elliott before the show. I found my favorite person ever, for knowing the "Overdose" song by DJ tomcraft in party monster in between bands. All together, everything I thought it would be and more. The best show I have been to. Fabulous to the max. That is all I can say. Plus, got called a club kid, which was flattering in its own way I suppose. My makeup and get up and all.